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Hi, we are Susan McDonald and Daryl Elliott.  We are the founders of 'I Love This Product' store -- we call it the world's coolest gift store!

Do you remember that cute song "These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things" from that old family-favorite classic movie Sound of Music?  That is the theme of our store!

What if there was a store where you could buy incredibly cool gifts for that someone special? That is what we are about!  People you give these gifts to will love you for being so thoughtful!  

We love to hear from our customers!  You can email us at!

We are a brand focused on delivering exclusive high quality merchandise. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, our high quality and younique gifts. We sell all types of products such as jewelry, coffee mugs, accessories, home decor, toys, pet products and so much more. These are all high quality and approved by our strict standards.

For 10% discount, use this discount code at checkout:  WELCOME10.

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